Community Wellbeing

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Soul Strong Society runs a variety of community programs and projects for both adults and youth, which combine experiential learning with wellbeing knowledge. We focus on the practice-based arts of mindfulness, movement and creativity to provide opportunities for connection and discovery. Collaborations work flexibly to meet the needs of the community, school, or organisation we are working with.

Programs and projects are led by a collection of passionate and dedicated individuals. See our team page to scope the diverse talent.

“Come, let’s get acquainted, let’s make the job easy, let us love and be loved.” Yunus Emre


Community Wellbeing Services & Projects


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Dr. Maura Kenny’s Mindful Self Care Program

Mindful Self Care is a program designed by Dr. Maura Kenny, head of the Mindfulness Training Institute of Australia. The course is based on the Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (Segal, Williams and Teasdale) framework and involves a 6 weekly x 1 ¼ hour class. The structure of the course, the support of a teacher, and the fellowship of other participants are all invaluable in establishing and maintaining a compassionate and mindful approach to life and living.

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 Meaning Through Making Workshops

“There is no separation between life and art. They are the same thing.” Boye Lafayette De Mente

For centuries, people have passed down important teachings about life through craft. From Egypt to Ethiopia, from Greece to Guatemala – wisdom about the mind, the body, culture and the processes of nature have been transmitted through arts and making.

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Courses in Movement for Wellbeing 

Soul Strong Society teams up with Point A to offer a variety of Courses in Movement taught in the spirit of facilitating personal growth and assisting people to confront and conquer their physical and psychological boundaries. The movement professionals who lead these courses are passionate about providing programs which are inclusive, supportive, and playful!

Course programs are flexible to accommodate the needs of the community, school or organisation involved.

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Creative Wellbeing Community Initiatives

Soul Strong Society collaborates with communities, NGO’s, and governments in creative ways to ask questions about life and living. Depending on the needs of the community – initiatives will vary in content, practice, creative tools (photography, film, craft arts, movement, mindfulness etc) and final outcomes.

Check out our team page to scope the talented and community-minded individuals who are using mindfulness, movement and creativity to bring wellbeing to communities through Soul Strong initiatives.

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