Created in collaboration with the Kerala Kalarippayat Academy. This film is about movement, expression, and living your true nature. It involves the body and the mind of Alex.

Alex travelled to India from Germany, searching for meaning through Yoga. But what he found was the body-oriented system of health and self-development – Kalarippayat – Southern India’s ancient martial and healing art.



Deserve is a community film collaboration involving children and adults living on the streets of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Together the filmmakers and participants contemplated what it meant to grow up in wealth or poverty.

There are personal stories of heartache and joy as each person gives their take on the life they were born into, and the consequences of social inequality for both rich and poor.

Ultimately participants agree that it is generosity, kindness and encouragement, the ability to help someone believe in and empower themselves, that allows each one of us to fulfil our full potential. Re-establishing the verb ‘deserve’ in its original context, the act of ‘serving others well’.




Ringbalin River Ceremony, led by Ngarrindjeri Elder Major Sumner (Uncle Moogy), invites Australian people to connect with the Murray River through story and dance. Major Sumner believes that the health of the Australian landscape depends on both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people developing a personal connection with the spirit of this Country.



Clinic Ammor is a haven for young people living on the streets of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Since 1988 Dr Irene Adams has worked tirelessly to bring health and wellbeing services to Los Pequeños (the little ones) surviving without parents or caregivers.



We know that young people are the most likely in society to take unsafe risks.We also know that young people thrive through learning to set goals, to work hard and to minimse risk through safe and skilful play.

Through the Play It Safe project the South Australian Circus CentreCharles Sturt CouncilPoint ALearn to Break, and Soul Strong Society developed a program built around safe risk taking. The idea being that teaching skilful mastery over bodies is the best way to help young people make wise choices about their bodies, prevent unsafe risk taking and build community.

Film by: Frazer Dempsey & Ronnie Chin of Precede Pictures