The Ethnosphere

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Soul Strong Society recognises and embraces the fact that we live in a world of diversity. Just as there is a biological web of life, there is also a cultural and spiritual web of life.




About the Ethnosphere

Wade Davis, anthropologist and photographer, has coined the term “ethnosphere” to explain, what is the sum total of all the thoughts, beliefs, myths, and institutions brought into being by the human imagination.

“It is humanity’s greatest legacy, embodying everything we have produced as a curious and amazingly adaptive species. The ethnosphere is as vital to our collective well-being as the biosphere. And just as the biosphere is being eroded, so is the ethnosphere—if anything, at a far greater rate.” – Wade Davis

The ethnosphere, in effect, is the culmination of the world’s various voices that become the human repertoire for coping with challenges and seeing opportunity, today and in the future. The modern scientific worldview can tell us many things about nature, health and ‘reality’, yet it is only one perspective, in a world full of many perspectives! As Ayurvedic scholar Robert Svaboda explains;

“Dedication to a harsh system that supports a black-white vision of reality promotes intellectual intolerance toward opinions that do not jibe with one’s preconceived conclusions.”

Ayurveda, the Indian ‘Science of Life’, is one such example of a tradition which has evolved through experience and observation over thousands of years. By respecting and embracing the various voices of people, cultures, and traditions around the world, we become stronger as a human family.

“I believe our only hope for the future is to adopt a new conception of human ecology, one in which we start to reconstitute our concept of the richness in human capacity.” ― Ken Robinson


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