STTARS: The Journey of Resilience

Final STTARS AVANT CARD-1Soul Strong Society collaborated with STTARS (Survivors of Torture & Trauma Assistance & Rehabilitation) to create a photography program and exhibition sharing the story of STTARS clients who have shown extreme courage and resilience in their lives.

Using photography, the STTARS clients explored resilience, and the practice, places, and people who enabled them to continue to find hope and strength despite having suffered war related torture or trauma.

During the program the participants explored;
– the meaning of resilience,
– their places of inspiration and strength,
– the practices and routines which connected them to their homelands and/ or kept them feeling safe in Adelaide.

Each participant had their own experience and story to tell. Each participant was given the space to explore and present to us, the story which reflected most truly for them, what it is to find and practice courage.

The resulting photographs were exhibited in Adelaide, Australia, at The Mill during the Adelaide Fringe 2014.

Avant Card also very generously chose to sponsor the project. Many thanks to Hana over in Brisbane for her help in facilitating this. The resulting Avant Card postcard featured a photograph from one of the participants and 10,000 of these cards were distributed around Australia! The postcard spoke about the common human journey of resilience and raised awareness of the important work of STTARS.

Also many thanks to PhotoCo Camera House and Black & White Photographics for their very generous support.

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