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Soul Strong Society (SSS)  is a community arts and wellbeing initiative based in South Australia.

We are a practice-based create-tank! Both creativity and wellbeing are skills. Both can be taught and developed.


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Overall we support and share principles and practices that sustain the soul;


– movement

– creativity

– healthy relationships, connection and community

appreciation and gratitude

– mental and spiritual development

– connecting to nature

– laughter, fun and play


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Wisdom traditions loosely define the soul as being ‘the essence of a living thing’.

A term we have found useful to convey this sense of soul is the spanish word ‘duende’. Duende roughly translates to ‘having soul, a heightened state of Being, expression and authenticity’. It is understood that to have duende an individual will have endured joys and sorrows, to have battled skillfully, ‘on the rim of the well’, in ‘hand-to-hand combat’! Our lives, wherever we are, are a constant source of inspiration, challenge, and opportunity.

Hence, keeping the soul strong, has anything to do with empowering ourselves to take on life and all its joys and sorrows. To realise our potential as unique living Beings.



earth bandwWhy question ways we live and know?

In every corner of the world, crises in economies, environments and communities have shown us that we are not only free to imagine alternatives, but that, in fact, we are obligated to do so.

We have also seen that this transition need not be at the expense of quality of life but that as the United Nations ‘Report of the High-Level Meeting on Wellbeing and Happiness’ suggests, it is quite the contrary. Failing to make the transition from ways of living that harm people rather than empower them, and destroy environments rather than conserve them, will be a major sacrifice for humanity.

Soul Strong Society exists to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and practice which can help us all – as individuals, as schools and communities, and as businesses- move creatively towards a more peaceful and secure world.

“We have everything we need.”




– Holism

– Respect for the Ethnosphere



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