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Workshops & Dr. Maura Kenny’s Mindful Self Care Program

Soul Strong Society provides a range of one-off mindfulness workshops to suit the needs of organisations and communities.

We also facilitate the Mindful Self Care (MSC) program designed by Dr. Maura Kenny, the founder of the Mindfulness Training Institute of Australia. The MSC course is based on the Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (Segal, Williams and Teasdale) framework. The course schedule includes 6 weekly x 1 ¼ hour classes so that organisations and communities can fit the program flexibly into an average working day.

All Soul Strong Society mindfulness teachers are active members of the Mindfulness Teacher Network of South Australia (MTNSA). The MTNSA was developed to bring clarity for the general public and those interested in mindfulness-based programs in SA. At this time of increasing interest in mindfulness, it is important to have confidence in the integrity and training of those providing programs.

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Courses in Movement for Wellbeing 

Soul Strong Society teams up with Point A and Kalari Australia to offer a variety of Courses in Movement taught in the spirit of facilitating personal growth and assisting people to confront and conquer their physical and psychological boundaries. The movement professionals who lead these courses are passionate about providing programs which are inclusive, supportive, and playful!

Course programs are flexible to accommodate the needs of the community, school or organisation involved.

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Creative Wellbeing Workshops

“There is no separation between life and art. They are the same thing.” Boye Lafayette De Mente

For centuries, people have passed down important teachings about life through craft. From Egypt to Ethiopia, from Greece to Guatemala – wisdom about the mind, the body, culture and the processes of nature have been transmitted through arts.

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