Unique Ways of Being: Hesquiaht First Nation

This project is ongoing. Over three years, the Soul Strong Society team has collaborated with the Hesquiaht First Nation on ventures which empower and connect the community.



Bottom-up vs top-down. Usually media is produced and controlled by those who ‘take’ the image, and ‘tell’ the story. In this project the Hesquiaht youth of Hot Springs Cove, Canada, learnt to use cameras to share their unique stories in their own way.



Using the youth’s images and with stories and knowledge from the Elders, we created a blog, a website, and a Facebook page to bring together the members of the Hesquiaht community who had been displaced from their traditional lands and have spread across Western Canada.

These resources were also created for the wider community, so that they could learn about the Hesquiaht people – their history, their culture, and their outlook today.


Get Involved.

Visit the Hesquiaht Place of Learning Facebook page, or blog to learn about the Hesquiaht way of life.

Watch a traditional Hesquiaht Humwica claymation created by the children of the Hesquiaht Place of Learning…


– View the fun times we had while learning documentary filmmaking below…


Assist the community in raising funding to record their language for the First Voices project. Currently less than 50 individuals speak the language fluently, and as Wade Davis explains, “…a language is not merely a body of vocabulary or a set of grammatical rules. It is a flash of the human spirit, the means by which the soul of each particular culture reaches into the material world. Every language is an old growth forest of the mind, a watershed of thought, an entire ecosystem of spiritual possibilities.”