Hesquiaht First Nation – Galleries

Over three years, the Soul Strong Society team has worked with the Hesquiaht First Nation on ventures which empower and connect the community.

Bottom-up vs top-down. Usually media is produced and controlled by those who ‘take’ the image, and ‘tell’ the story. In this project the Hesquiaht youth of Hot Springs Cove, Canada, learnt to use cameras to tell their own unique stories.

Using the youth’s images and with stories and knowledge from the Elders, we created a blog, a website, and a Facebook page to bring together the members of the Hesquiaht community who had been displaced from their traditional lands and have spread across Western Canada. These resources are also available for Non-First-Nations to access, so that they can learn more about the unique Hesquiaht culture.


Community Galleries

Hesquiaht First Nation_Soul Strong Society_Butchering Lesson 13


Videos by Hesquiaht youth


School’s In!!!!!

At the Hesquiaht Place of Learning four students- Jacine, Heman, Donovan and Rakaylyn learned about filmmaking for one week. We practiced technical skills, filmmaking and documentary techniques and studied First Nations in film.

Our goal was to record daily life and all the students at Hesquiaht Place of Learning. ‘School’s In!!!!!’ is a short film of the footage captured by these young storytellers. GREAT JOB TEAM!

Humwica – The Man Who Was Mean to His Dog

Storytelling is a big part of keeping Hesquiaht culture alive and thriving.

Here we have used a modern storytelling technique, claymation, to share one of our important stories (Humwica).

The Hesquiaht children came together at the Hesquiaht Place of Learning to make the clay figures, paint backdrops, set up each scene and photograph every moment. It was a big project, but we are very proud of our work.

Please enjoy and remember to always be kind to animals!