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About Community

Today, more than ever, we are each intimately connected to fellow human beings in every other corner of the globe. As Jeremy Rifkin explains;

“We have to begin thinking as an extended family. We have to broaden our sense of identity. We don’t lose the old identities of nationhood and our religious identities, and even our blood ties. But we extend our identities so we can think of the human race as our fellow sojourners.”

Soul Strong Society asks questions about connection, community, and ways we live and know. We also work directly with people who have faced social exclusion. First Nations people, religious minorities, those with disabilities, women, the elderly and youth, and typically any person or group who is ‘different’ from a population norm is often the first to experience coarse or subtle forms of social exclusion.

The full effects of social exclusion can be difficult to understand unless they are experienced. The circumstances we are born into largely affect our opportunities to fulfill our potential as human beings and social exclusion can result in catastrophic lifelong and inter-generational trauma. Through the Community Initiative projects here at Soul Strong Society we collaborate with communities who have experienced social exclusion and work with them to find their own creative ways toward empowerment and wellbeing. As Doctor Irene Adams from Clinica Ammor in Brazil, says;

“Giving people money, and giving people jobs is not going to solve things. What makes change is rescuing the person’s own belief in themselves.”


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