Soul Strong Society collaborates with communities, NGO’s, and governments in creative ways to ask questions about life and living. Depending on the needs of the community – initiatives will vary in content, practice, creative tools, and final outcomes.

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Recent projects

Deserve: Wealth, Poverty and Generosity with Los Pequeños (The Little Ones)

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Soul Strong Society joined forces with Dr Irene Adams of Clinic Ammor and the children living in the favelas of Belo Horizonte, Brazil to explore poverty, wealth, and generosity through film.

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Kalarippayat: Here I Stopped Running


In Kannur, India, Gurukkal C.M. Sherif and his family are bringing health and wellbeing to a spreading number of Western visitors and local people. Thanks to the shared knowledge of an ancient healing and fighting practice that was almost wiped out during British colonial rule, both Europeans and locals are reclaiming the health of their minds and bodies.

The exchange of knowledge and ‘way of life’ happening in Kannur is a real example of the value of a world full of diverse intelligence and understanding.

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Unique Ways of Being: Hesquiaht First Nation


Bottom-up versus top-down media. Usually media is produced and controlled by those who ‘take’ the image, and ‘tell’ the story. In this project the Hesquiaht youth of Hot Springs Cove, Canada, used photography and multimedia to explore and share their stories, from their own point of view.

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STTARS: The Journey of Resilience


Soul Strong Society collaborated with STTARS (Survivors of Torture & Trauma Assistance & Rehabilitation) to create a photography program exploring resilience, and the practice, places, and people who have enabled their clients to continue to find hope and strength during extreme circumstances.

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Play It Safe Program


We know that young people are the most likely in society to take unsafe risks.We also know that young people thrive through learning to set goals, to work hard and to minimse risk through safe and skilful play.

Through this project the South Australian Circus CentreCharles Sturt CouncilPoint ALearn to Break, and Soul Strong Society developed a program built around safe risk taking. The idea being that teaching skilful mastery over bodies is the best way to help young people make wise choices about their bodies, prevent unsafe risk taking and build community.

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Healthy Parks, Healthy People – Tasmania

2016_Maria Island_Discovery Program_Alana Gregory 3

“The evidence is clear and far-reaching. Spending time in the natural environment – in places like parks – is good for your mind, body and soul. Healthy Parks Healthy People seeks to reinforce and encourage the connections between a healthy environment and a healthy society.”  Parks Victoria.

As part of the annual Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife Service Discovery Program creative practices such as Yoga, Kalari, mindfulness, and craft-arts are being used to connect National Parks visitors to nature.

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Movement Is My Medicine Festival


“Set the body in motion and the psyche will heal itself” Gabrielle Roth

Soul Strong Society teamed up with The Mill and Point A to create the The Movement Is My Medicine Festival (MIMM). MIMM celebrated our ancient and modern understanding of the link between movement, the brain, the body and wellbeing.

Over 3-days, participants were invited to experience talks, demonstrations and classes from leading movement educators.

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